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Precise Manufacturing is an ISO 9001 and Q9001-2000 OEM supplier of precision machined products. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Precise is a privately held business providing high quality products and services for over 60 years.

Precise Manufacturing provides a high quality supply chain solution to many industries. Precise has a proven track record of being flexible in providing customers a single purchasing source for many machining needs. Precise takes an active role in partnering with customers for continuous improvement, and is a leading vendor in implementing customer initiatives to reduce overall costs. By establishing a solid partnership, and history of on-time deliveries of conforming product, 80-85% of all shipments are customer certified parts and are delivered directly to the production line via a KAN/BAN or point-of-use type system.

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Precise Manufacturing





Precise Manufacturing, Inc
4323 Merchant Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Tel: (260) 422-6518
Fax: (260) 422-9555


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