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We produce parts of all shapes and sizes from all types of materials.  Materials that include brass, aluminum, UHMW, plastics, stainless and carbon steels.  We also specialize in all types of cast materials. Cast materials that include brass, aluminum and all types of steel.  Utilizing the latest in cutting tool technologies, we provide our customers high quality and close tolerances for a wide range of industries and applications.  These are just a few of our available tools and services.

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Multi-axis CNC lathes

We produce parts of all shapes and sizes.  Thru feed capacity up to 3 1/2” and up to 14” diameter chucking.  With up to 9 axis turn-mill lathes, complex parts can be produced in a single operation.  This allows for more constancy and accuracy. Especially if specification requirements are less than 0.001.

Inventory Managemnt


Precise Manufacturing provides world class service.  Let us manage your inventory. 90% of our customers utilize a KAN-BAN, point of use, or min/max system.  You let us know how much inventory you want available, and we will stock your products ready-to-ship. How much value is there in knowing your lines will not go down?  Let us provide that peace-of-mind. We will stock it, you pay for it when it ships.


We know machining.  This is what we do. Do you need some help?  Let us provide suggestions for reducing costs during the design phase.  Using MasterCam and Solid Works, we can easily pass files back and forth.  We also design and produce hydraulic and manual fixturing for use both in house, and at your facility.  Let us help you today.

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