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While pursuing long term partnerships, we will relentlessly sustain and create new value, for our

customers, employees and community by developing and educating people, advancing technology and


The core of our business is people. We value our people and our customers, and have invested in building a team of highly skilled staff who are experts in their field. We believe that taking care of people is what drives a successful business and, over the last 100 years, we’ve built a reputation that is known for innovative manufacturing, high-quality work, and exceptional customer service.

We value collaborative work relationships that produce the highest quality of precision machined parts. We believe in this so deeply that, since 1944, Precise Manufacturing has returned 20% of all net profits back to its employees.  This has created a culture of personal ownership within our company and resulted in a cost-effective structure for our customers.

Precise Manufacturing is committed to making a difference in our community by volunteering, donating supplies, and raising money for organizations that are positively impacting our community. Our company proudly supports a number of organizations including CASS Housing, Junior Achievement, and Special Olympics.






N. Fries Tool & Machine Works shifted more into production during WWII to help the war effort.  


N. Fries Tool & Machine works was reincorporated and renamed Precise Manufacturing, Inc. to better represent the type of work being performed. 


Precise added its first CNC machine.


Whitcraft Enterprises, Inc. purchased the assets of Precise Manufacturing, Inc. and continued to do business as Precise Manufacturing.  Under John Whitcraft’s leadership, Precise continued to grow and expand.

November 2010

Precise Manufacturing moved to its current location.

October 1919

Nestor Fries established N. Fries Tool & Machine Works originally as a tool and die shop.


N. Fries Tool & Machine Works was purchased by the Mayer family.  Focus continued on producing machined components for OEM customers.


Jim Whitcraft became president and a partner in Precise Manufacturing, Inc.  

1990s - 2000s

Precise experienced solid growth, and continued adding CNC lathes and CNC mills to compliment the Acme multi-spindle screw machines and single spindle Brown and Sharpes.  

Precise built up its secondary operations, including milling, drilling, tapping and finishing.

March 2010

Precise Manufacturing acquired Acme Industrial Machining.


Today, Precise proudly serves our customers, employees and community through a culture and passion that has developed over the past 100 years

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